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A journal of a girl combining fashion, music, film and art digitally

i definitely think some people romanticise an era which is foreign to them as a way of escaping their own reality.

however, with that being said, that doesn’t mean that people can’t have a genuine and natural affinity for things from a particular time period although they might not have lived through it. 

that’s what is so great about the internet/books/art/music/tv - you can discover and learn about things that you otherwise wouldn’t be familiar with.


I still haven’t seen it! but i think Lars Von Trier’s oeuvre is very interesting and I really liked Dancer In The Dark, Melancholia and Dogville so I’d be very interested to see it.

If you’re up for some real weirdness you should check out his Danish miniseries Riget or The Kingdom (it’s English title.) 


1. legs
2. sharp dressed man
3. gimme all your loving


negative people and friends that don’t talk to me for weeks on end because they are ‘too busy’. fuck that. i’m a really good friend and i don’t deserve that sporadic bullshit