pretty girls do ugly things

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I’m 14 years old and i listen to led zeppelin only. only the band Led , zeppelin. i will liste off the albums released by led zeppelin, i am only 14 years but i can do this, becausei  listen to “led zeppelin”. led zellpelin 1, led zepellin 2, 3, 4, houses of the holy, led zeppelin, this band i know but i am 14. Led zeppelin is a band i listen to but i am much younger than other people who listen to led zeppelin. 14 years old

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i used to up until a week ago when i watched the first episode of cycle 21 and decided that i’ve had enough of tyra banks’ bullshit.

ANTM has never been a great show due to shitty production and tyra acting like a fool every episode but this came down to a whole new low.

As a woman who talks about how much she has done to empower young women she contradicts this by letting gross guys go on the show and talk about, “how i only like light skinned girls and not dark skinned”, plus a guy that talks about how he likes to fuck girls at least 3 times a day. Not to mention Martin’s treatment of women last season and sexually harrassing the female housemates.

Even without all of this, Tyra has never actually made a ‘top model’ from her shows to my recollection…

AUSNTM IS SOOO MUCH BETTER and has a higher success rate.

Also once you saw Naomi’s The Face you could never go back to Tyra Banks’ crappy modelling show


if it’s the one i’m thinking of then it’s from sportsgirl :)